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The Smart House Wrap

WeatherSmart® represents a new generation in housewrap technology, offering an intelligent housewrap solution – one that delivers the ideal balance between water intrusion protection and moisture vapor breathability; so it can be used in any climate and behind most exterior claddings. The product is a polymeric weather-resistive barrier, utilizing a high-strength nonwoven substrate and a monolithic non-perforated coating of smart polymers. Its unique construction protects against the elements-while being extraordinarily durable and UV stable.

  •    Vapor permeable water and air barrier
  •    Provides greater moisture & water protection
  •    Keeps water from being trapped
  •    Lowers energy costs
  •    Eliminates drafts
  •    Improves performance of insulation
  •    Removes moisture, preventing mold growth and structural rot







Take a look at how WeatherSmart House Wrap stands up to extreme elements & abuse!