Henry Building Envelope

 Air Tight, Water Tight, Weather Tight.

Here’s an important breakthrough in building envelope technology:  HHC is now stocking Blueskin VP air barrier by Henry.  It’s a tri-laminate polypropylene fabric that is fully adhered to sheathing—eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners.  But that’s just the beginning…

  •    Vapor permeable water and air barrier
  •    Peel-and-stick—easy to apply
  •    Provides greater moisture & water protection
  •    Keeps water from being trapped behind WRB
  •    Eliminates wind washing of insulation
  •    Lowers energy costs
  •    Eliminates drafts
  •    Improves performance of insulation
  •    Removes moisture, preventing mold growth

Read Henry’s Blueskin VP 100 Energy Statement here

Sizes available: 100′ Rolls in 4″, 6″, 12″ and 48″ widths

Also available:
Blueskin LVC Spray Adhesive Primer
Blueskin WB window & door flashing
BES Sealant in Black

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