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Stick With a Stronger Way to Start.

IKO EdgeSeal roof starter is highly recommended to help prevent wind uplift and
blow-off in the critical areas where shingles are most vulnerable – the roof perimeter
along the eaves and rakes.

Peel the no-stick release film and stick down the IKO EdgeSeal to bond the drip-edge,
ice and water membrane and first course of shingles to create a unified barrier against
Mother Nature. IKO EdgeSeal comes in 67 foot rolls, to go down easy and fast!

Double-sided, extra-tacky adhesive creates a super strong bond to seal
the drip-edge below to the shingle above to ensure the roof perimeter is
securely fastened down.

No special tools, hardware or training required for installation. You’re ready
to roll. Just peel off the specially treated no-stick release film and adhere
directly onto a recommended IKO ice and water protector and/or drip-edge.

Then roll or simply press into position, peel off the top film layer and start
applying the shingles.

Meets or exceeds most national building code requirements.