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 Weathertite Keeps the Weather Out

Epliay Weathertite roofing Underlayment is a light-weight, tear-resistant synthetic roofing underlayment highly recommended for sloped roofs.

Epilay features Grip Walk, a unique high-traction top layer which reduces heat and provides a cooler working surface. It also permits easier steep slope walkability, and retains its non-slip properties even during high condensation or moisture.

It also features Skid Resist, a very high anti-skid bottom surface laer that keeps the underlayment intact and prevents the fabric from tearing while it is being fastened.

Other Features & Benefits include:
–1 year UV protection
–Water-repellent, non-absorbent
–Superior 4 ply underlayment
–Strong and durable polymer construction
–Remains smooth for easy installation
–100% recyclable
–Synthetic construction impervious to mold growth
–Temperature performance range: -40 degrees to 240 degrees Fahrenheit
–Class A Fire Rating

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