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Why Housewrap?

On the surface, it looks so simple. Build an exterior wall, put siding over it, and the house is sided. Then someone mentions “housewrap”. And you ask yourself, “what the heck is that, why do I need it, and what are some examples of good ones?”

Let’s start by defining “housewrap”. No, it’s not some obscure electronic-dance-meets-urban music genre from the 90s. “Housewrap” can refer to any synthetic material used as a weather barrier between the structure and the cladding. In other words, it protects buildings. The idea is to allow water vapor to escape from the structure while keeping water from getting in, preventing rot, mold and decay.

WeatherSmart is easy to identify because of its bright yellow color. It delivers the ideal balance between water intrusion protection and moisture vapor breath ability. It can be used just about anywhere and behind just about any kind of siding. It protects against the elements while offering extreme durability and UV stability. Add exceptional tear resistance and you have a great housewrap at a great price.

Blueskin VP 100 is the flagship product of Henry Company’s weather barrier line. Like WeatherSmart, its easily identifiable, but by its trademark reflex blue color. Yet, one of the biggest things that sets Blueskin apart from the competition is that is self-adhering; it doesn’t require fasteners to put up. Because it seals directly to the building, it keeps air and water out, increasing building longevity, eliminating drafts and reducing energy costs. While its priced at a higher point, Blueskin delivers heavily on value.

Your friendly neighborhood building professional will be able to tell you if your project requires housewrap. IF that time comes, selecting a wrap that will keep water and air out is crucial. There are many fish in the housewrap sea, so head over to holdenhumphrey.com and find your nearest Henry dealer using the Dealer Chat function in the lower right hand corner of the screen. They’ll be able to help you decide if WeatherSmart or Blueskin VP 100 are right for you.

Happy Building!