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Massaranduba: Where’s the Beef?

Massaranaduba (massa-ran-doo-bah) or as some call it, Beefwood, is a hardwood native to South America. It is an extremely strong and dense wood, making it perfect for decking applications. Would you believe it even sinks in water? Due to supply and an unknown future for Ipe, Holden Humphrey has decided to expand on our hardwood offerings with Massaranduba.

The addition of Massaranduba to our current selection renders more variety for our customers, and it is a fantastic alternative to Ipe, the premier decking option. Both woods come from Brazil, are rot/pest resistant, and will give your deck longevity (30+ years). Massaranduba, on the other hand, boasts a Janka hardness of 3190 versus 3060 of Ipe, and the biggest difference is color. Ipe is many shades of brown, whereas, Massaranduba has more color consistency and is a rich medium to dark reddish brown. Massaranduba and Ipe have the same graying characteristic, so they will end up looking very similar over time when left untreated, however, if the initial mill appearance is preferable, a protective stain such as Messmer’s or Penofin can be applied. Performance wise, both surfaces will be soft on the feet and ready for any of your outdoor activities.

Our Pau Lope brand of Massaranduba is considered some of the world’s finest hardwood decking, bar none. From tree to your deck, the wood is handled with the highest standards. Firstly, it is legally and sustainably harvested with Stewardship-Friendly compliance. Next, Pau Lope uses only the highest graded wood, meaning, defects are restricted. Aside from these aspects, the process for drying Massaranduba can be tricky, Holden Humphrey Pau Lope follows the best kiln drying practices to obtain a stable product with low moisture content. Overall, nothing compares.

Contact us, The Resourceful Source, for any of your inquiries and Massaranduba needs. We are currently stocking S4S Massaranduba with 8’-20’ even lengths in 5/4X4 and 5/4X6.

View our Massaranduba Sell Sheet here