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Color To Top It Off

Did you know that a roof can constitute up to 40% of your home’s exterior? Mind. Blown.

When we think of a home’s appearance, we most often think siding first. However, the roof can play just as big a role in curb appeal and home value as the cladding and interior design. So when selecting a roof, it’s crucial to give it the attention it deserves.

In particular, the color of the roof can completely change the appearance of the exterior. So how do you know which color to choose?

Holden Humphrey stocks IKO Roofing’s Cambridge Architectural shingles, Dynasty Premium shingles, color matched hip and ridge shingles, and a full complement of roofing accessories. Now’s the best time to buy; our Fall Special Buy runs September 3rd through the 13th. Just call Rich at 800-777-1053 and he’ll take care of you.

Luckily, IKO Roofing has a page on their website that offers some tips on this subject. Check it out here:

Regardless of what color roof you choose, happy building!