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Base your project on Cement Backer Board

It’s almost winter, which means it’s time to tackle interior projects like bathrooms and kitchens. And since both rooms generate a lot of moisture, so how do you keep the rot and mold out of the subfloor and walls?


Three words: Cement Backer Board.

Cement backer board is a base for your ceramic tile, flooring or countertops. Its purpose is to reduce the chances of rot in the underlying wall studs or floor joists. The board can be nailed or screwed into studs or cinderblock, brick, mortar or concrete. Their porous nature ensures an easy adhesion to grout, thinset and mortar.

Holden Humphrey carries HardieBacker, made by James Hardie Building Products (yes, the ColorPlus guys!). It’s 90 percent Portland cement and sand, ensuring a strong foundation for your tile job. It’s made better, installs better and performs better.  Just score and snap to cut to any size ensure less dust and mess. No wonder HardieBacker is the superior underlayment!

If you’re interested in HardieBacker and live in the Northeast US, just visit www.holdenhumphrey.com and click on the dealer chat. We’ll give you the name of a dealer near you who can supply you with the HardieBacker you need to get the job done right.

Happy Building!