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How Kleer PVC Can Save You Time & Labor Costs



It’s probably no surprise to you that PVC trim has become one of the biggest sellers in almost any lumber yard you’ll step foot into today. For good reason, too – PVC trim can save you both time and money in expensive maintenance costs over the long run. A few of the major advantages it touts over conventional wood trim is that it’s designed to last longer, look better, and it requires less maintenance.


And while, these days, there are any number of PVC trim manufacturers that can help you cut maintenance costs and increase durability, there is one thing that sets Kleer® PVC above the rest.


Introducing KleerPak™:


KleerPak PVC trim

KleerPak PVC trim


If you look closely in the photo above, you’ll notice that these PVC trim boards are tightly wrapped in stacks of 4, side by side. This plastic wrapping is called KleerPak™, and it’s designed to keep your PVC clean, dry, and ready to install – from the Kleer® plant all the way to the lumber yards and job sites where it will be used. Most competitors don’t offer this protection, and their product can be much more vulnerable to dirt & wear from things like transportation, storage, and all the other things it must endure between the time it’s produced and the time it’s installed. This system is one of the things that allows Kleer® to offer you the best PVC in the market, both in terms of quality and ease of install.


“Why is this important, and how does Kleer save builders time & money with this?” 


In order to do it’s job, it’s very important that any trim piece (both wood and PVC) is installed correctly, and part of that installation means that it needs to be prepped & ready to put up. Correct installation means that the trim board needs to be dry, and clean from any dirt & debris (which is pretty hard to avoid when storing materials on job sites). Any time that it takes to have to scrub & wipe the PVC of dirt buildup to prep it for a smooth install is going to cost a builder more time & labor – and as any builder knows, time is money. To understand the full effect of this, we’ll go into the details of how dirt and other debris can impact an installation & the durability of PVC.


KleerPak PVC trim

KleerPak helps keep PVC clean & dry – saving builders time & money


There are two areas where dirt can have a major effect on the PVC installation process. The first area is the bonding process.


The bonding process is the process of attaching two pieces of PVC trim to one another using an adhesive or PVC cement. This is very common on most builds, because most trim pieces come in lengths anywhere from 12′ – 20′ long, and you’ll likely be cutting your PVC to accommodate the exact lengths you need. Because of this, you need a way to make those joints both sturdy & watertight. Enter the PVC cement to “weld” those joints and make they sure will hold up strong, and adhesive to ensure that any butt-joints will be waterproof and hold up to any expansion/contraction.


Dirt can have a major impact on this process – PVC that is dirty or wet simply will not bond, or hold adhesive, as well as PVC that is dry & clean. Without making sure your joints are sturdy and waterproof, you’ll have vulnerable areas in your build and you will leave the door open to a host of issues that come with that. And trust me – moisture damage issues are neither fun, nor inexpensive, to fix. Making sure your PVC never gets dirty in the first place prevents this, and working on job sites in the real-world, there’s no easier way to do that than with KleerPak™.


The second area where dirt and debris can have a major impact is during the painting process. Paint will not adhere correctly to dirty PVC, and a sub-par paint job can really bring down it’s aesthetic appeal and require more maintenance than usual.


PVC’s main advantage is that it looks like real wood trim without the required upkeep of real wood – truthfully speaking, it looks great and you really don’t have to worry about it much. That’s why so many homeowners love it. Wouldn’t having to deal with excess maintenance defy the point of using PVC in the first place? Painting it offers you the flexibility and ability to completely customize your project, which is why making sure that it’s prepped to be painted correctly makes a huge difference in the end result.


It’s worth noting that, even with all the proper precautions, sometimes it can be very hard to keep materials 100% clean. When you’re storing materials on a job site, you really can’t control the weather, wind, and a number of other factors that tend to make it difficult to keep things clean. Luckily, if your trim has already been removed from it’s packaging, Kleer® has already engineered an innovative technology called TruEDGE® to help take care of this problem. The TruEDGE® technology actively offers cleaner, smoother edges that actively resist dirt build-up – so your PVC continues to stay cleaner and easier, to install. It really does help to have this added benefit and peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your PVC won’t hold on to dirt the same way as the others, and that you won’t spend time cleaning, wiping, and scrubbing when you could be installing.





With all the advantages it offers, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase Kleer® PVC. If you could offer your builders a product that cuts labor time and offers an easier install, don’t you think you’d sell a lot more PVC?




Holden Humphrey carries a full range of 3/4″, 5/4″, and 1-1/2″ trim boards available in KleerPak™, as well as 4″, 6″, and 8″ post-wraps (also in KleerPak). You can call us today at (800) 777 – 1053 to talk to us about our pricing & inventory selections, or get in touch with your local Holden Humphrey sales representative to talk to them about how you could benefit from offering a higher quality, more builder-friendly product.


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