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The same trim board, only better.

Introducing HardieTrim Boards with NT3 technology.

Professionals spoke and James Hardie listened. New HardieTrim NT3 Boards deliver three major advancements that the pros have asked for:

  • Longer, 12’ lengths
  • Back grooves that improve handle-ability and reduce weight
  • A concealed fastening system that improves aesthetics.

However, NT3 boards still have the same dimensional stability and superior performance that you’ve come to expect with James Hardie. And HardieTrim NT3 is still engineered for the Northeast climate with HZ5 Technology.

Stocking Sizes: 4/4” Nominal Thickness
Widths available (12’ Lengths): 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”     Stock colors: Arctic White, Navajo Beige, Khaki Brown, Timber Bark, and Sail Cloth.

5/4” Nominal Thickness Widths Available (12’ Lengths): 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 12”                             Stock Colors: Arctic White, Cobblestone, Navajo Beige, Sail Cloth, and Timber Bark.